Saturday, 18 November, 2017
If You are Related to a Relationship What Your Place In Opposite Persons life ?

what’s Your Place In Opposite Persons life ?

 In Marathi  the meaning of the “Relationship” is “Naat (नातं)”, which means this relationship seen from the perspective of grammatical words if it means “not-them”. But then also we know the sugar is sweet, but we cannot write it on the paper, when we taste it, we will get to know the sweetness of then sugar so as to relationship. Around the places we meet many people and we interact, we share and unknowingly we create a new relation which doesn’t have any name, and again we got memories for the leisure.

We are following the many types of the relationships in a day-to day life as  sister,brother, father – mother, wife – husband, etc. But do we happy with the relationships while follow/redeeming?

This question we need to ask ourselves in once in a while, but we never think. We read lots of the articles on the relationship, how to maintain the relation with husband, wife, parents, friends, love, blah-blah…. No one has taught to other how to maintain the relation? Because to maintain the relation is based on the understanding and as well our vision of the situation.

There are various ways to keep the healthy relation, like communication, respect, transparency, trust, etc. But it doesn’t mean that we need to talk on a daily basis or chat on a daily basis, if we have an attachment, it’s enough for maintaining the relation. We cannot force anybody for keeping the relation.

If we are following any relation before that we should know about WHAT’S OUR PLACE IN OPPOSITE PERSON’s LIFE???” It was important for any relationship “affinity”… “Affinity relationship among the grip should be loose but tight, but it should be like that banyan tree native soil just as tight roots…”

At last, in all relation what we will get it, have you ever think, apart from the happiness, pain. But before taking any kind of the decision in any relation, we should think

We get the memories which could give happiness or sadness. But form every relation we learn a lot, but in our hand how to take this feel!!

Life is a Mathematics,

But that does not understand what “OPRATION”is going on

Sometimes there is addition or sometimes there is subtraction

If we add the sadness then happiness will be deducted from the life

If you feel the coming of the void left in the division of, we lost everything,

And, if we get some get something, then garbage things left in our hand..

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