Sunday, 19 November, 2017

10 Things Not Everyone Knows About Journalists

  Any person trying to speak truth or uncovering scandals is bound to pay a high price. Journalists are those who sacrifice a lot in the process of doing justice to their job and they face a lot of hardships.

There are a few things that we should know about Journalists and they go something like this:

1.       Journalists are driven by deadlines because the news world is quick. Information should be written, organized, edited and then published. All this must be done within a very short period of time. This calls for a lot of patience as one gets interrupted with colleagues. But, at times when reacted in not so polite way, it can be taken as rudeness but the journalists have to manage it.
2.       Sometimes journalists are expected to write on different genres depending on their experience and background. Hence, journalists are usually versatile.
3.       It is almost inevitable for every one of us that we have to face critics at some point of our life but when the critics have to be faced when you are true and unbiased is definitely hard to take. Journalists face the same but never lose their cool.
4.       Journalists are their own critics. This happens when they read some of their published works and feel that something would have been better written than what it is.
5.       They are competitive because Regardless of whether a journalist works for print media, electronic media or any other online media has to be on a regular basis improving oneself to survive in the competitive market.
6.       To the outside world, journalists may seem to be arrogant but in reality they are humble as their work is cross checked and edited if necessary by their seniors. That means journalists respect hierarchy.
7.       Journalists who are in the front line have to sometimes take daring steps in revealing information to the public as there may be some big names involved in that news so journalists have to risk taking.

 8.       It is mistaken by many that it is the death of journalism but that is not the truth. This industry is in fact growing day by day and the rise in the number of media and blogs and it is encouraging. So journalists are part of this growing industry.

9.       The increasing number of online media is giving opportunity to those who don’t have a qualified degree in the same field because they are skilled.
10.       It is estimated that 79% of the articles published are written by male journalists and thus is a male dominated world making it more challenging for female journalists.


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