Monday, 20 November, 2017
coolest places in india for summer tourist

Top 10 Coldest Places In India

India is known for its hot temperatures but what most of them don’t know is that India holds some of the coldest places in the world. Let me take you through the 10 coldest places in India.

1.       Drascoolest places in india-dras

It is the second most coldest place in the world where temperatures can drastically drop up to  -22 degrees C. This place is located in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir.

2.       Kargil

coolest places in india- kargil

This is a place which most of us didn’t know till the war between India and Pakistan in 1999. It is famous that people come here for mountaineering, trecking, river rafting and so on … and the temperatures here can drop up to -48 degrees C.

3.       Hemkund Sahib

coolest places in india- Hemakund sahib

It is one of the coldest pilgrim places in India and is surrounded by the cold lake and snow-clad mountains and is at an altitude of 4,362m.

4.       Lehcoolest places in india- leh

This is a place which is liked by riders and falls in the Leh to Srinagar highway. This is closed during the rest of the year but Summer. This place is covered with snow most of the time
 5.       North Sikkim

coolest places in india- north sikkim It is a place where the Kanchanjunga flows through and also is one of the tallest peaks in the world. With the temperature – 40 degrees C and the surrounding beauty of waterfalls and high peaks you will be dumbfounded.

6. Spiti:

coolest places in india-spiti valley

It is in Himachal Pradesh and you can see Buddhist culture there with delicious food and this place is filled with natural beauty. Full of greenery and lakes.

7.  Sela pass

coolest places in india- sela passThis place is that natural beauty which attracts you with its beautiful surroundings with lakes and peaks and the temperature drops till – 10 degrees C. It is at the height of 13,700 feet from sea level. Bet you don’t want to miss the beauty of this place.

8.    Munsiyari:

coolest places in india- munsiyari This is one of the favorite holiday spots for those who love trekking and is at an elevation of 2,200 m and the temperature here can drop up to -10 degrees C. It’s located in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.

9. Srinagar

coolest places in india for summer tourist- srinagar

 The classic hindi film location for romance and love. Srinagar in jammu and kashmir is among the best places to visit in summer. Why ? because it’s absolutely picturesque place and will let you lost youself in mountain with some dew. cool place. you can get everything that you wish to have in this summer. The Massive errupted moutains with cold breeze and lakes with liquid love.

10 Amritsar

Golden coolest places in india for summer tourist- amrtisarin Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar in Punjab is a popular pilgrim destination in india. And the Temperature will make you to visit again and again.

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