Sunday, 19 November, 2017
sexual harassment on girl


It’s International Women’s day and may be a bad day to post this story. But a bad practice by school management left us no choice but to cast a story on the incident.

sexual harassment on girl what happened? 
Recently a girl punched on a boy’s face. Because the boy who is her classmate constantly snatching her bra-strap. At the beginning, the girl told him to stop doing that. But he did not obey her. And continued the harassment. When things went out of control and no choice is left she took in charge of her dignity and fisted two punched in the face.  Things changed when school management called her mother to the office and blamed the girl for physical assault on the boy. But, her mom is not one who just surrender to the blind allegations. In return what she said will leave you speechless.

sexual harassment on girl


The principal has called the boy’s parents too. Along with them, there was an advisor (who is happened to be women) in the cabin. The Principal pointed out that it’s her daughter’s mistake to beat the boy.

What happened next is this:

Mother ( Girl):  The boy has snatched my daughter’s bra-strap and you are focusing on her reaction to save her dignity.  You think what she did is wrong, right? Why don’t you pull on Mrs. (advisor) bra right now? Check how fun it is for her. Or You can do that with boy’s mother’s bra or mine. You think just because they are kids its fun?  she defended herself against sexual attack from that boy. And she did it just to protect herself.  I am taking her home as the boy has learned his lesson, I hope this will never repeat again. Then she turned to the boy and said “ if you ever touch my daughter again I will get you arrested for sexual assault charges. Do you understand? “ she left the room by saying” I will report this incident to the school administration”. And she collected her daughter’s things and later the girl was shifted to a different section.

During this conversation, Neither the principal nor the parents of the boy stopped to support the kid.

Sexual Assault, Harassment is a serious crime. And the one who does that will be sent to jail and may get long-term imprisonment. Anybody who tries to touch a woman without her consent can be penalized with sexual harassment charges. It’s our duty to protect women. Real men do that.

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