Sunday, 19 November, 2017
RGV tweets on Bollywood (1)


Ever wonder how Ram Gopal Varma manage to be in news most of the time? it’s with his tweets. Nowadays they are more popular than his films. Every day he gave a twist full tweet on his twitter handle. This time he hit on Bollywood. In his latest tweet, he says, Awe, Read it below

RGV tweets on Bollywood (1)


…Deleted the tweet

When we were busy making this story we tried to collect his follower’s reactions on this particular tweet. To our amaze, we lost that tweet. Guess RGV himself might be deleted it. Reason? Maybe the reaction of Sunny Leone On his Tweet on international Women’s Day . which goes like this

RGV tweets on Bollywood (1)


Sunny Leone Reacted
For this tweet, RGV Apologised with some conditions. But got a Video note From Sunny Leone i.e “Hey everyone! I read all the news today and I believe that change only happens when we have one voice, so choose your words wisely.”

Prior to this Bollywood tweet,

he quoted on Holi too..

RGV tweets on Bollywood (1)


Just for the information, RGV Follows only 43 persons on his twitter handle and over 2.3 Millions people follow him. Most of them actually get pissed of with tweets. Oops, We are among 2.3 millons.

Lets See Bollywood Reacts

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