Friday, 24 November, 2017
10 facts of North Korea

10 facts of North Korea

North Korea is 0ne of the Notorious Country in the world for its acts against Human Rights. check out t other bizarre facts too
1.       North Korea has an estimated active military force of around 1.2 million personnel which makes it the world’s one of the largest armies.
2.       North Korea is a democratic People’s Republic nation and is considered as the most secretive nations in the world.
3.       It is said that in the 1980s they have got their nuclear program from the Soviet Union.
4.       The estimates are that this nation has a range from low single digit to more than a dozen in terms of their nuclear weapons stockpile range. But the certainty of having a working bomb is none.
5.       In 2009, they conducted some illegal nuclear tests which led to the shelling out of an island in South Korea after which North Korea received tightening international sanctioning regime.
6.       According to the data published by the South Korea bank, North Korea’s economy is losing its balance under the impact of UN sanctions and a series of natural disasters.
7.       Despite their leadership promised their citizens “a gateway of a mighty and prosperous nation” its economy has still gone down for the second consecutive time in 2010.
8.       The 23.9 million citizens of the nation are not able to use mobile phones and the internet freely. This might be due to lack of expertise in the field of communication.
9.       It is a country with traditional beliefs and is mainly considered as an atheist or a non-religious nation.
10.   According to the UN estimation men of this country live up to an average of 76 years and women up to an average of 83 years.

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