Friday, 24 November, 2017

Time Travelling Celebrities

Do  they Born again?

Can you believe it! They are from the different  centuries . yet they managed to look a like.Many of us may not agree with time travelling or reincornation. Even we tend to avoid them who discuss about these issues. At some point of time we do manage to think beyond the regular life and lost into extra terrestrial thoughts. For those of you who believe or donot believe we got something for you. All you got to do is to have a look on the pictures and  read on.


Keenu Reeveskeenu reeves

If you think keenu reeves can limit himself to one century. No ! The matrix  actors has  managed to survive to entertain us. Who is he? His original name is Paul Mournet who born in 1847. Though he is recorded as dead in 1922 his body was gone missing. So it looks like keenu manages through the hard times to prove himself in hollywood. Well this is an intersting fact. Yet  they  are not same. But look at them ..they look same.



John Travolta

Looks like John Travolta don’t like to do a face-off .Because he has managed to find person from the past who look a like.the first picture belongs to a person  who was 22 years in 1890. But Travolta is now 62 years old. So its clear that they might look same..but they are not same.



nicholas-cage look a like

Nicolas Cage

They cant stop fighting in face off. Who? Iam telling about the faces of stars Nicolas cage and john travolta. Its seems like they had a face off in 18th century too. As you already know about the travolta of 1890. Here we have picture of a person who was photographed in 1870. Hard to believe, but they look a like.



sylverster-stallone look alike

Sylverster Stallone or Rocky Belboa, you can call him with any name of  his movies. But you might call him as Pope when you see him in the picture. The picture is of Pope Gregory IX.




Brad Pitt Look Alike

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt had a fight club because he has some similarities with Union General  Isaac Stevens.





jay-z look alike




Jay-Z was there in  Brookly in 1939.Yes you can  Rap on it.






bruce-wills look alike

Bruce Wills

We love the fighter in Bruce Wills in his movies. It is  sure that anyone who has a face of  him loves to do the same. For Example look at the picture Doug MacArthur of World War II period. He was a General. Which is not General in any days. So They love to combat.




eddie-murphy look a like

Eddie Murphy

The nutty Professor Eddie Murphy is throwing a boomerang with time. How Watch The image of a  person who is similar to this star actor.  Well the  unknown man belongs  to  early of  1920s.






michael-jackson look alike

Michael Jackson

Two Words. We miss  Michael Jackson. This image is similar to the great man.






peter-dinklage look alike

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has his own history in the hollywood . So as his face and personality too. Have a look at the painting of Don Sebastian de Morra who belongs to 1645th year.





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