Friday, 24 November, 2017
Facts About Ravana that May Amaze You

Facts About Ravana that May Amaze You

 It is known to everyone that in the Ramayana, Ravana abducts Sita by coming in the form of a beggar and deceiving her. He paved the path of self-destruction by this act and this reminds us that evil can never win over good.
Here is a list of some facts that everyone of us may not know:

  • Ravana was a Brahmin but was born to the daughter of a demon king.

  • Ravana’s father is Rishi Vishrava and Ravana is the son of Rishi Vishrava’s second wife, which makes Ravana and Lord Kubera step-brothers.

  • Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and a music lover and was also a veena expert.

  • It is said that Ravana participated in the Swayamwara of Sita and could lift the Shiva Dhanush but not completely as it was not an ordinary bow.

  • Ravana was a master of Sastras and Vedas and he was a great scholar.

  • Ravana was a great diplomat and a master in politics and he was a very intelligent king and it is said that Bali, Malaysia, and a few others were also under his kingdom along with Lanka.

  • It is also heard that Ravana taught Lakshmana about diplomacy before leaving his breath. Such was his intellect.

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