Friday, 24 November, 2017
Police To Pay Fine if Work Do Not Completed on Time

Police To Pay Fine if Work Do Not Completed on Time

It is known that people have to give bribe to the officials for the verification of passport or else it will be delayed intentionally or the work would not be done. As the number of people that suffered and that complained about the same increased, there is about to come to a rule where the officials will have to pay fine up to rs.5000 if the verification of passport is not completed in 20 days.

45 services have been categorized as Public Delivery Services by The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) and it has recommended penalties on them. The services that fall under Public Delivery Services are Passport verification as mentioned above, issuing NOC for protest, license issuing and so on…

It is said that if the work is not done within the due date, then rs. 5000 will be imposed on the concerned police officer or he/she will have to pay a fine of rs. 250 a day depending on the number of days the work is delayed. This doesn’t seem fair as the ratio of police and citizens in our country is 1: 729. But there is not much that we can do about it.

This step was taken by our PM in order to provide our country with good services and at the same time, this will improve the reputation of the police.

BPR&D said that if any work that is not completed in the said time, then people can appeal before the appellate authority and revisional authority where it will come to the notice of higher officials such as IG or additional DGP.

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