Sunday, 19 November, 2017
SRK’s childhood friend shares king khan’s struggle behind success

SRK’s childhood friend shares king khan’s struggle behind success

In spite of reaching the heights of success, SRK is still a down to earth person and we often listen to stories that he helps beggers and he shows a lot of respect for his fans. Have you ever wondered how such a successful man can still be so humble? Here’s the reason:

Shah rukh values friendship and has some very close friends and one of them has shared about the struggle Shah Rukh Khan went through to reach this stage.

In narrating the tale, SRK’s childhood friend Benny Thomas shared the story of how they used to go to their favorite pan shop and so on… He also shared some of their experiences which they still remember like there was a day in their life when they had to sleep on the footpath and one day a railway station became their shelter.

Benny said that when they came to Mumbai they did not have any contacts and it was very tough for them and he said, “one-day SRK stood on the marine drive and said that there will come a day when we will rule the city.” Now he is the king khan.

Here is a video of a common man before becoming King Khan.
SRK is another example to motivate us that one can achieve anything with the right passion and hard work.

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