Sunday, 19 November, 2017
Adithyanath’s 10 major decisions after becoming CM

Adithyanath’s 10 major decisions after becoming CM

Uttar Pradesh The Largest State in India got the Dynamic  CM now. Who is all making headlines by his Daring and Dashing Decisions.
Check out the top10 acts and pacts  by the Trending CM of India.

1.       Waived off Rs. 36,359crore worth farm loans.
2.       Asked ministers not to use red beacon atop vehicles.
3.       Ordered a crackdown on all the meat shops and slaughter houses that are run illegally.
4.       Zero tolerance policy to be adopted by the police officers towards those who involve in cow smuggling.
5.       Discontinued the services of all the advisers, chairmen, and vice-chairman appointed by the previous government.
6.       Informed all the ministers to disclose their incomes and that all those details are to be submitted to the CM Secretariat and the BJP office.
7.       In 11 districts of Lucknow, he set up anti-Romeo squads to prevent eve-teasing.
8.       June 15th is the deadline for repairing the UP roads and making them roads without potholes.
9.       Announced that consuming pan masala and gutkha in hospitals, government offices and schools is a ban.
10.   FIR is ordered against those government school teachers those who are conducting private tuitions after the school.

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