Saturday, 18 November, 2017
Atmosphere around a planet 39 light years away

Scientists Discovered an Earth-Like Planet

Scientists now detect atmosphere around a planet which was discovered in 2015.
GJ 1132b is the planet that we are talking about and it is 39 light years away from us. According to the observations of scientists, the size of this super earth is 1.4 times of our planet and they also observed that this planet is surrounded by gasses. They suppose it is water or methane or both and it seems that it is covered with a thick layer of them.

The discovery of this atmosphere and study is definitely considered as a vital step in understanding whether or not there is life beyond our solar system by the experts.
But it is not expected that there can possibly be life on this planet because of surface temperature – 370 degrees C.

The words of John Southworth, a lead researcher from the Keele University, go like this: “To my knowledge, the hottest temperature that life has been able to survive on earth is 120C and that’s far cooler than this planet.”

  The scientists say that there is a possibility that this new planet could be a ‘water world’ surrounded with an atmosphere of hot steam.
The researchers say that the chances of possibility of life on this planet are almost zero, but the trace of atmosphere is an encouraging factor for them to continue their search for any extraterrestrial life.

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