Thursday, 19 October, 2017

On This New Year Give Wings To Your Heart

Glow like your heart.
Love like your heart.
Love with  pure heart.

 We may forget to cherish its beauty, but the heart is the greatest art of The God. All we got to do is to  Love it. One must  take the worldly things to their heart  as the way  they  take their lovable things at home and arrange them on the shelves.  We don’t decorate shelves with trash. Do we ? No ! we throw trash into dust bins to its disposal.

is your heart is a flying heart?

In the same way, one must not  take all the emotional trash to the heart.  If someone  thinks that you’re  not a good at something. Just  forget about them. It’s not what they think. It’s what you think about yourself matters.

Be kind..but not blind kind

It’s always good to be a kind hearted person. But kindness too  has  its own limits. If you’re good to someone it must be by  choice not  by    compulsion. You are gentle because that’s your way of living.  It’s an individual right to  enjoy  their life being socially responsible.

They Will know it sooner or later

Even when it  does not rain clouds do  move across the sky.  They may consist of water in the heart  throughout the  year. But they will deliver water to the earth in the monsoon for sure. This is how nature works with  a purpose. So as to human heart too. We may not say a word about  us…people  can find it out for sure . No matter how hard one try to hide the heart…one day we will allow them to know what we are inside.

 You’re Special …Do you know that ?

What’s you inside defines what you’re outside. At some point, we may  act like someone to impress someone else. But we cannot live like someone. If  you  use  smartphones  you  might accept the fact that  the Android operating system does not work on Apple iPhones and  iPhone operating system  won’t  fit in android  devices . That’s how they are made of . Every  entity is special. Natural or Artificial it doesn’t matter.

 You are you know that?

One must not tamper with the gods greatest creation i.e… heart. So go with your heart  but with a respect to the social norms .so  that  society respects your heart.


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