Saturday, 18 November, 2017
New 1000 Rupee Note Will Replace 2000 Rupee Note

New 1000 Rupee Note To Replace 2000 Rupee Note

If sources are true… If this is not a next big hoax.. Rs.1000 curency will come into existence in market. Aftermath a decision made to Demonetise Rs. 1000, Rs.500 Notes..  they were replaced by new Rs.2000 and Rs.500 currency.b It was tough call.  Standing for hours and days in Long queues “Aam admi” finally got some sort of relief when they got few of those pink notes. while commonman got adjusted with currency ban Decision 50days no cash days … It seems the game is on and some more yet to come. Now, news is that… Rs.2000 notes will soonly replaced by New Version of  Rs.1000 currency notes. It might be a rumor or  might it be not. But surely if it’s happening.. its a big thing happens in New year.

What Happends If its true ? How hard is it to accept?

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