Saturday, 18 November, 2017

Makers of Game of Thrones praise Prabhas for his dedication for Bahubali

Bahubali is a film that not only got the appreciation from Indian audience but also from the audience across the world and it changed the way world looks at Indian movies.

The makers of Game of Thrones are impressed by the 4 year commitment of Prabhas for one movie and are singing his praise. Now prabhas has become an internationally appreciated Indian actor. The actor had to be on a strict diet for such a long time and has got a drastic transformation in his physic.

The stunt team and the visual team involved in the making of Bahubali involved people who worked for Game or thrones and X-men.
Not only from the makers of Game of Thrones but Prabhas received praises from the director of the movie where he said, ”Show me one actor, who can spend more than three years on a character he believes in.”

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