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Do you know these 10 interesting things about Lord Hanuman?

Do you know these 10 interesting things about Lord Hanuman?

1.       Lord Hanuman is an example of Strength, Perseverance and Devotion and was an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

2.       A woman was cursed to become a female monkey and that she would be freed from the curse only when she gives birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Thus is the birth of Lord Hanuman.

3.       Hanuman has such a devotion that he could impress Lord Brahma and in turn Lord Brahma blessed Hanuman with boons such as be able to move anywhere anytime, ability to change form at will and immune to weapons.

4.       Hanuman met Lord Rama during Rama’s 14 year exile and from the moment they met, he followed Lord Rama.

5.       During the war between Lord Rama and Ravana, Lakshmana got wounded and fell unconscious. To save Lakshmana’s life Hanuman was asked to get a medicinal plant from a mountain named Sanjeevini. But after reaching there, Hanuman couldn’t distinguish between different plants and he brought the whole mountain to Rama.

6.       It is said that Hanuman was so committed that he never felt stress or strain and he was free from any sort of physical harm.

7.       Hanuman Chalisa has always been the most powerful devotional song in the history of the world because of the size and history of Hinduism.

8.       It is believed that wherever the name of Lord Rama is worshipped or chanted you find Lord Hanuman there as one cannot reach Lord Hanuman without Lord Rama and Lord Rama cannot be reached without Lord Hanuman.

9.       Lord Hanuman used the boons received from Lord Brahma to fly across the seas to find where Sita is.
10.   Hanuman’s promise to Lord Rama is that he would stay on the Earth till Rama was worshipped and Rama nama was chanted.

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