Saturday, 18 November, 2017
Kamal Haasan Is a Great Human Being says Rajinikanth

Kamal Haasan Is a Great Human Being says Rajinikanth

There was a condolence meet arranged as recently kamal lost his elder brother. Many film celebrities came to the meet.
After paying tribute to Kamal’s elder brother Chandra Haasan’s portrait with flowers Rajini consoled Kamal and shared that he had good rapport with Chandra Haasan and they shared good times together.
On the same occasion Kamal also shared that Chandra Haasan was his good friend and a guide.
Rajinikanth said that Kamal is a really good person and is straightforward and that Rajini is always very careful when talking to Kamal as he is an angry person who speaks straight from his heart.
Rajinikanth also said that he knows Kamal for over three decades now and unlike others kamal doesn’t own riches as he invests whatever he earns back into films and this shows his love in films.


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