Saturday, 18 November, 2017
Hyderabadis on Hyperloop very soon?

Hyderabadis on Hyperloop very soon?

If the United States startup has its way, then Hyderabadis will soon be traveling on Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a mode of transport which is faster than sound! That says everything about the speed. Yes, one can travel within the city and also from one city to another within minutes.
The chairman and co-founder of HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) in Hyderabad to talk to the concerned government officials with the same regard.
It is said that besides having all the facilities and comforts of an aeroplane, the Hyperloop is much safer than an aeroplane. In fact, it seems to be the safest mode of transport till now because in any emergency situations, the time for reacting to the situation is within a span of  6.4 seconds and evacuation of people is easy.

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