Sunday, 19 November, 2017
south masala on google

For Google North Masala Is Food and South Masala Is Hot Women

Masalas and other Food Aesthtics are just for eatery. But Google Search has some thing else to say. Give it a try. If you  type North Masala in google search bar  you will get good choice of masala recipes.  But when you search South Masala  you will get food for eyes.

According to the google search South Masala is collection of all Hot images of Actresses and models.  If masala is hot for eyes why not North Masala is just food? Or if its just food why south masala has women in results ? Dear Google you got to check this out.  Masala is not for Heroines. It’s what we eat.

If you have any masala kind of comment upon this issue…Comment below

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