Sunday, 19 November, 2017
sex toy purchase Survey in india

Swayam Krushi :Sex Toys konadam Lo Punjab Women Top Place Lo Unnaru.. Andhra Pradesh Rank Telusa?

You Know, That’s Not Really Toy. Sex Toys gurinchi manalo chala mandiki telisi undadu. kaani mana madhyalone vaatini use chese vaallu ento mandi untaru. Forget About it. Oka website reveal chesina facts check cheddam.

1 Desham Mottam Lo nirvahinchina survey lo Sex Toys Use chese vari sankhya chala ekkuva ani telindi. Sex Toys Amme chesina e survey lo marenno kotta vishayalu telisayi.

2. Last 52 Months lo India nunchi 80,000 orders vochayata. Andulo 62 % Men, 38% Women anta.

sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest
sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest

3. Baroda, Pune, Thiruvanathapuram Lo Men kanna women Ekkuvaga kontarata.

4. States Vishayaniki Voste Maharashtra No.1 place lo undi. Next Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat states unnayi.

sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest

5. Year Antha 6th place lo unde Gujarat..Navaratri Festival Time Lo 3rd Rank ki cherukuntundi anta.

6. Pedda Cities Vishayaniki voste Mumbai lo Ekkuva Sales Avutayata. Tarwata Delhi lo Ekkuvaga Sex Toys Kontarata.

7.Interesting Vishayam Yento Telusa..Tier 3 Cities ayina Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Shillong, Nanded, Imphal Sarasana Ananthapur Kooda Cheri Poyindi.

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south masala on google

For Google North Masala Is Food and South Masala Is Hot Women

Masalas and other Food Aesthtics are just for eatery. But Google Search has some thing else to say. Give it a try. If you  type North Masala in google search bar  you will get good choice of masala recipes.  But when you search South Masala  you will get food for eyes.

According to the google search South Masala is collection of all Hot images of Actresses and models.  If masala is hot for eyes why not North Masala is just food? Or if its just food why south masala has women in results ? Dear Google you got to check this out.  Masala is not for Heroines. It’s what we eat.

If you have any masala kind of comment upon this issue…Comment below

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Adithyanath’s 10 major decisions after becoming CM

Adithyanath’s 10 major decisions after becoming CM

Uttar Pradesh The Largest State in India got the Dynamic  CM now. Who is all making headlines by his Daring and Dashing Decisions.
Check out the top10 acts and pacts  by the Trending CM of India.

1.       Waived off Rs. 36,359crore worth farm loans.
2.       Asked ministers not to use red beacon atop vehicles.
3.       Ordered a crackdown on all the meat shops and slaughter houses that are run illegally.
4.       Zero tolerance policy to be adopted by the police officers towards those who involve in cow smuggling.
5.       Discontinued the services of all the advisers, chairmen, and vice-chairman appointed by the previous government.
6.       Informed all the ministers to disclose their incomes and that all those details are to be submitted to the CM Secretariat and the BJP office.
7.       In 11 districts of Lucknow, he set up anti-Romeo squads to prevent eve-teasing.
8.       June 15th is the deadline for repairing the UP roads and making them roads without potholes.
9.       Announced that consuming pan masala and gutkha in hospitals, government offices and schools is a ban.
10.   FIR is ordered against those government school teachers those who are conducting private tuitions after the school.

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Chilled water is not good!

Chilled water is not good!

Here are some reasons as to why you should avoid drinking chilled water:
Especially during summer most suffer from dehydration and over that just imagine your heart rate decreasing. Yes, chilled water decreases heart rate. So better stay away from chilled water.
Drinking chilled water speaks on your digestive system. It reduces the capacity of digestion.
It is understood that the summer heat drives us towards the cold water but drinking cold water before and after the meal will increase mucus in the respiratory track and it leads to many inflammatory infections. So avoid drinking cold water. 

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Things to pack for vacationThings to pack for vacation

Things to pack for vacation

Summer means vacation time and yes packing time too. What do you think to deserve to get into your backpack when on a vacation? Is there a big list?
Well, let’s keep our backpack light weighted. Small earrings will be better to carry as they occupy very little space and of course they can be good with any outfit. Better carry cuffs instead of bracelets. May be you can enjoy your trip if you don’t carry a lot of chunks with you. So it is better to decide on small things but yet useful. Give some time to thought and I am sure you will be able to avoid a big backpack.

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Facebook in trouble?

Facebook in trouble?

Facebook owns WhatsApp and it is now fighting a case against its new privacy policy. This new privacy policy was announced by WhatsApp on 25th August 2016. It said that some of the data of the chat app would be shared with Facebook and then a case was lodged against the new policy.
The defending lawyer K K  Venugopal said that those who are worried about the policy and those who think that it is not safe and think that their data may be vulnerable are free to leave and can leave WhatsApp and Facebook anytime.

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Funds Flooding to Bharatkeveer Website Which is Dedicated to the Martyred Soldiers

Funds Flooding to Bharatkeveer Website Which is Dedicated to the Martyred Soldiers

From the time government of India started their website-, it has received a very good response and donations are constantly flooding in. Any who wants to support the families of martyred soldiers can donate the amount directly to the government through this website.
There are many celebrities who are supporting this move along with Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma says, “If you want to support the families of those martyred soldiers, the website of the government of India is the best one.”
Cricketer Gowtham Gambhir extended his support saying that his foundation will bear all the expenses of educating their children.
But be careful with fraud people and make sure you donate only in the government’s website.

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Hyderabadis on Hyperloop very soon?

Hyderabadis on Hyperloop very soon?

If the United States startup has its way, then Hyderabadis will soon be traveling on Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a mode of transport which is faster than sound! That says everything about the speed. Yes, one can travel within the city and also from one city to another within minutes.
The chairman and co-founder of HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) in Hyderabad to talk to the concerned government officials with the same regard.
It is said that besides having all the facilities and comforts of an aeroplane, the Hyperloop is much safer than an aeroplane. In fact, it seems to be the safest mode of transport till now because in any emergency situations, the time for reacting to the situation is within a span of  6.4 seconds and evacuation of people is easy.

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Baba Ramdev Death Hoax Gone Viral

Baba Ramdev Death Hoax Gone Viral

There are a lot of prank messages that go viral on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp. One such message went viral on WhatsApp which says that Baba Ramdev with 4 companions on their way from Mumbai to Pune met with an accident.

The message said that all of them met with severe injuries and one of the images show that Baba Ramdev was carried on a stretcher. When enquired, the highway control officers said that it was just a rumor and no such accident took place on the Mumbai to Pune highway.
The photos could probably be the ones when Baba Ramdev was taken to a hospital in 2011 after an accident in Bihar. 

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Bahubali Statue is Much Bigger Than Bhallaladeva's Statue

Bahubali Statue is Much Bigger Than Bhallaladeva’s Statue

As Baahubali is all set to hit the silver screen in another 3 days, the promotions of the film are going on at a very rapid pace as there is not much time. It can be noticed that almost everyday a new fact from the movie is coming out and it is now the big statue of Baahubali.

 In Baahubali: the beginning, the scene of the erection of Bhallaladeva’s statue was amazing. If you are one of those audiences who was dumbfounded at that scene, then get ready for something similar in Baahubali 2 but something much bigger than that statue is the statue of Baahubali in this film.
There are three more days to go. Let’s wait and see what else we come to know.

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