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sex toy purchase Survey in india

Swayam Krushi :Sex Toys konadam Lo Punjab Women Top Place Lo Unnaru.. Andhra Pradesh Rank Telusa?

You Know, That’s Not Really Toy. Sex Toys gurinchi manalo chala mandiki telisi undadu. kaani mana madhyalone vaatini use chese vaallu ento mandi untaru. Forget About it. Oka website reveal chesina facts check cheddam.

1 Desham Mottam Lo nirvahinchina survey lo Sex Toys Use chese vari sankhya chala ekkuva ani telindi. Sex Toys Amme chesina e survey lo marenno kotta vishayalu telisayi.

2. Last 52 Months lo India nunchi 80,000 orders vochayata. Andulo 62 % Men, 38% Women anta.

sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest
sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest

3. Baroda, Pune, Thiruvanathapuram Lo Men kanna women Ekkuvaga kontarata.

4. States Vishayaniki Voste Maharashtra No.1 place lo undi. Next Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat states unnayi.

sex toy purchase Survey in india
Photo : Pintrest

5. Year Antha 6th place lo unde Gujarat..Navaratri Festival Time Lo 3rd Rank ki cherukuntundi anta.

6. Pedda Cities Vishayaniki voste Mumbai lo Ekkuva Sales Avutayata. Tarwata Delhi lo Ekkuvaga Sex Toys Kontarata.

7.Interesting Vishayam Yento Telusa..Tier 3 Cities ayina Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Shillong, Nanded, Imphal Sarasana Ananthapur Kooda Cheri Poyindi.

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Its Mogadu Weds Mogadu In Indore. Vallu Pelli Enduku Chesukunnaro Telusukondi

 Yes, Meeru Vinnadi Correct , Its Man Weds Man. Iddaru Mogallu Pelli Chesukunnaru. Adi kooda Valla Bharya Pillalu Chustundagane. Chee…yendidi Ani Chiraku Padakandi…Chivaraku Varaku Chadavandi. Indulo Oka Vyakti Peru Sakaram Ahirwar inko atani peru Rakesh Adjan. Vallu okaripai Okariki Love tho pelli Chesukoledu. Varuna Devudi Karuna Kalagalani Pelli Chesukunnaru.


  Edaina Extroardinary Pani Chestene Varuna Devudu Impress Avutaadani. Ala Impress Ayite Varshalu Baga Pandi Kastalu Tolugutayani Local Panditulu Chepparata. Anduke sampradaya Baddhanga Veellu Pelli Chesukovalani Decide Ayyarata. May God Bless them.

A Pelli Video Meeru Kooda Chudandi

sunny leone tied rakhi for the first time

Sunny Leone First Time Raksha Bandhan Celebrate Chesukundi. First Rakhi Evariki Kattindo Telusa?

Hindi Film Actress Sunny Leone Indian culture nu tana life lo part chesukovadaniki chala kastapaduthondi. Thats Great! And Monna Raksha Bandhan Roju Rakshabandhan kooda Celebrate chesukundi. A pics Instagram lo share chesindi.

Thana official Instagram Handle lo konni Photos tho paatu oka Caption kooda add chesindi ..

” Was on a plane during Raksha Bandhan. First Rakhi yesterday and the rest today 🙂 @yusuf_911 love you!!”

Was on a plane during Raksha Bandhan. First Rakhi yesterday and the rest today 🙂 @yusuf_911 love you!!

A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on

Meet Sunny Leone’s New Brother Yousuf Ibrahim, Itanu Sunny  Film Related Security Consultant. Off-Course Bollywood Lo eppatikappudu Kotta Kotta Chances and Oppurtunies Teesukochi..Amey career Protect Chestunna Vyakti ki Brother anukovadam 100 % Right Decision.

And Rakhi Kadutunna Time lo Teesina video Kooda Undi Bhai,Check It out

@yusuf_911 Raksha Bandhan

A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on

  Well, thats Good thing Happend the Yusuf Bhai,  What do you think ?

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Mumaith Khan to quit big boss

Mumaith Khan Will Be The First Person To Quit BIG BOSS

Big Boss House nunchi Mumaith Khan Quit Avvanunnaru.  Drugs Case lo Tollywood Celebrities perlalo Mumaith Peru kuda undi. Ameku Notice andinchalani try chesina SIt officials adress dorakka.. Big Boss organisers ni contact ayyaru.Valla Sahayam tho Mumaith ko notice lu andincharata. Deento July 27na Mumaith Big Boss nu vidichi ranundani samacharam. vicharna Poorti ayyaka tirigi Big Boss loki Velle avakasalu kooda unnayi.

Hyderabadi movies in Hollywood style. Kirrack Video For You

Hyderabadi Movies in Hollywood Style. Kirrack Video For You

Idi Old Video. But Eroju Malli Chusi Navvukunna. Meeru Navvandi. Hyderabadi Version lo Life Ela untundi.. Hollywood Movies Ela Untayo Check Cheyandi

south masala on google

For Google North Masala Is Food and South Masala Is Hot Women

Masalas and other Food Aesthtics are just for eatery. But Google Search has some thing else to say. Give it a try. If you  type North Masala in google search bar  you will get good choice of masala recipes.  But when you search South Masala  you will get food for eyes.

According to the google search South Masala is collection of all Hot images of Actresses and models.  If masala is hot for eyes why not North Masala is just food? Or if its just food why south masala has women in results ? Dear Google you got to check this out.  Masala is not for Heroines. It’s what we eat.

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It’s  Pawan  Kalyan VS Ram Charan Now

It’s Pawan Kalyan VS Ram Charan Now

Mega Family is on Wage of film war now. As we all know Ram Charan’s Rangsthalam 1985 is all set to release on 2018 Sankranthi. And there is more to the festive season With Mahesh Babu & Koratala Shiva’s movie will hit the screens on Same occasion.

Adding  Colors to the rainbow Pawan Kalyan –Trivikram Combination film is All set to make a grand release on pongal 2018.  Earlier Trivikram planned to release it for Dussera. As it seems  hard to finish the production on time makers has decided to schedule the movie to sankranthi. Well, as film lovers we may enjoy the treat… But Who’s  gonna feel it as Threat to their collection and make a set -back on release date? Any idea ? Let’s wait and see.

We will get you the information when we get latest from  film nagar people. Till then you keep reading our other interesting stories and Share with your loved one’s.

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Shruthi Haasan Supports Rajnikanth

Shruthi Haasan Supports Rajnikanth

While Rajinikanth Made a notion about his political entry Shruthi haasan  has supported him for his venture. During an interview she extented her heartful support to the super star. She expects great things by Rajinikanth. She feel that his entry into politics can bring great change in tamil Nadu.  As a Film Star who has wide fan following Rajinikanth is expeted to make big things possible for Both politics and film industry.  But Shruthi Haasans Father and  Actor Kamal Haas different view about Rajinikanth’s political entry. He Cautioned him that present political scenario is not suitable for good people.

Tollywood stars plan get together

Tollywood actors and actress of 80’s generation are planning to hold a get together party in China this time. Megastar Chiranjeevi, Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna, king Nagarjuna and Venkatesh will be the main attraction of the party.

Former Telugu film actresses, Suhasina, Jayasudha, Jayapradha, Bhanu Priya and others will also join the event. We will have to wait and see whether Mohan Babu joins the party as his mentor and teacher in film indusrty, Darshakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao passed away recently.

Stay tuned for more updates on Telugu movies.

facts about amzon forest

10 Facts About Amazon Forest

1.       It starts in Lago Villafro in the Andes Mountains and glaciers add to its water making it one of the longest rivers of the world.
2.       The Amazon is in South America but the fact is that it travels way too beyond.
3.       The distance from UK to America if you fly is 5,800 km and the length of the river is more than that, it is about 6,400 km
4.       The Amazon is just 250 km shorter that The Nile and it has more than 1,100 tributaries which gave it another name The River Sea.
5.       One fifth of the fresh water that reaches the seas and oceans is from the Amazon. This shows how big it is.
6.       You don’t find any bridges in this river owing to the rainforests that it runs through.
7.       The only person to swim the whole river long is Martin Sterl Swam. In 2007, he swam 6400km for 66 days 10hours each day.
8.       One of the world’s largest snakes- Anacondas are found in the Amazon.
9.       Every year when the season is wet, the river increases in its width to almost over 190km.
10.   There are still new species being discovered in this river. Till now over 3000 known species are there in the Amazon.

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