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Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent

Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent

What should a  woman do when some one repeatedly ask for her Nude Pictures?  Most  women just ignore them or take things too seriously and dive into depression. But this lady has decided to give the person an ultimate answer. Her reply to an unknown person who was constantly asking for nude picture is epic. She set a milestone about answering those who ask the unaskable questions.

Here is her reply


Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent


And She sent  him what he asked her ..


Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent


Her reply continued ..


Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent


She got more for him..


Guy Asked Her Nude Photos and this what She Sent


This is one of the best ways to deal those bad guys. But one can take legal assistance if he or she become too bad  to control.

                                                                                                                                                    Image Source : imgur


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Top 17 Quotes of MS Dhoni To Make your 2017

Top 17 Quotes By MS Dhoni To Make your 2017

  1. If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.

  2. When people talk about South Africa, it’s all about lions and elephants. But when we talk about India, we talk about tigers.

  3. Maybe because I bat aggressively and go for big hits at times, people tend to remember my batting. But I have always done well as a stumper, too.

  1. You may earn whatever money you earn as a cricketer, but you want to play for your country. At the end of the day, you want to do something special. There are plenty of people who earn 50 crores or 100 crores as businessmen or big professionals or who are really doing well in business. But what gives pleasure to your mom and dad is the fame.

  1. For me, it’s important to build good partnerships rather than score centuries. Once, you have those partnerships, you will also get centuries.

  1. I believe in giving more than 100% on the field, and I don’t really worry about the result if there’s great commitment on the field. That’s victory for me.

7. Gut feeling is all about the experiences that you have had in your life. It is about being in difficult scenarios, knowing what worked, what did not work, and then taking a decision

8.If you are good at studies, and you want to play cricket, you may work harder than any other person, but you may not achieve it. So it’s something you have to balance in life and be practical where you are good and then channelise your efforts in the right direction to be successful in life.

9.  love being in the present. When I was playing for my school, the only thing I wanted to do was get selected for the under-16 or the under-19 district teams. When I was selected for the district, I would think about the next level, which was getting selected for the state side. I’m a person who lives very in the moment.

10.I don’t study cricket too much. Whatever I have learned or experienced is through cricket I’ve played on the field, and whatever little I have watched

11.”You don’t play for the crowd, You Play For the Country.”

12.”If You are not 100 Percent fit and not at Your best (and Still Play) It’s Cheating”

13.I Don’t Mind Repeating Everything”

14.When you Die, You Die. You don’t think which is the better way to Die.”

16.No. I am on National duty. Everything else can wait

17.I Have Three Dogs at Home. Even after Losing a series or Winning a series, They Treat me the Same way


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Anonymous Claim to Have Own Rs.100 Note

Anonymous Claim to Own New Rs.100 Note

 Post to Demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency every one is amused by bluffs. Most of the un-official content we see turns out to be hoax. Here we are sharing a video of  an unknown person who is claiming to own New Rs.100 notes. Which are not yet in circulation. Or Government announced  about their plan about these notes. Call it a rumour or fact but the voice in the visuals explains his version like a Methodist artist performs. He said to own these currency  from one of his friend who works for a Currency Printing press. If this videos is true.. how may a layman get any benefit from it. If its fake what the common man got to lose. Nah, we ain’t lose a Penny. 

Watch this video and decide about its genuinity.


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Real Meaning of Short-Words Which Carry Many Emotions

Real Meaning of Short-Words Which Carry Many Emotions

They made Texting Easy and convey allot in short. Here were talking about acronyms and abbreviations which  made our Generation go gaga.  Still many  fell apart with these short-terms. For them we have collected all the content so that next time when they see them, they cannot yell on it.Here we are explaining for better Texting.

 Short-Term &  Meaning

1 = One / exclamation mark

2 = To / Too / Two

4 = For or Four

AFAP = As Far As Possible

A&F = AAF Always And Forever

A3 = Anywhere, Any time, Any place

AA = Alcoholics Anonymous

AAB = Average At Best

AAK = Alive And Kicking

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact

AAP = Always A Pleasure

AAR = At Any Rate

AAYF = As Always, Your Friend

ABD = Already Been Done

ABH = Actual Bodily Harm

ABN = Asshole By Nature

ABT = Absolutely

ABT = About

ADL = All Day Long

ADMIN = Administrator

ADN = Any Day Now

AEAE = And Ever And Ever

AEAP = As Early As Possible

AFAIAC / AFAIC = As Far As I Am Concerned

AFAICS = As Far As I Can See

AFAICT = As Far As I Can Tell

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AFC = Away From Computer

AFD = All F***ing Day

AFT = About F***ing Time

AGW = All Going Well

Aight = Are you alright, Yo

ALOL = Actually Laughing Out Loud

ANY1 = Anyone

AYSOS = Are You Stupid Or Something?

B = Be

B4 = Before

Bb = Bye Bye, Goodbye

BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit

BBL = Be Back Later

BBS = Be Back Soon

BD = Big Deal

BRB = Be right back

BRB = Be right back / Bath-room break

BRT = Be right there

BTW = By the way

C = See

CSWS = Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

CU = See you

CUL = See you later

Cuz = Because

CYA = See you

CYS = Check Your Settings

da = The

dat = That

der = There

DIAF = Die In A Fire

Dunno = Don’t know

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FOAD = **** Off And Die

FTL = For The Loss

FTUW = For The Uber Win

FTW = For The Win

FWIW = For What It’s Worth

FYI = For Your Information

G2G / GTG = Got to go

GAL = Get A Life

GFY = Good For You

GG = Good game, Good going

GIYF = Google Is Your Friend

HAND = Have A Nice Day

HS = Holy Shit

HTH = Hope This Helps

IACL = I Am Currently Laughing

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer

IANARS = I Am Not A Rocket Scientist

IC = I see

ICYDK = In Case You Didn’t Know

IDGI = I Don’t Get It

IDK = I Don’t Know

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

ILY / ILU = I Love You

IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

IMNSHO = In My Not So Honest Opinion

IMO = In My Opinion

IRL = In Real Life

ITT = In This Thread

IYDMMA = If You Don’t Mind Me Asking

JJ = Just Joking

JK = Just Kidding

JOOC = Just Out Of Curiosity

JP = Just Playing

K = Okay

KKOk = Cool / Ok Kewl

KL = kool, cool

Kwl = Cool

L8r = Later

LLAH = Laughing Like A Hyena

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

LMFAO = Laughing My F*cking Ass Off

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

LQTM = Laugh Quietly To Myself

M8 = Mate

MYOB = Mind Your Own Business

NLS = Not Life Safe

NOYB = None Of Your Business

NP = No Problem

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

NVM = Never mind

NWS = Not Work Safe

O = Oh

O3 = Out of Office

OIC = Oh, I see

OJ = Only Joking

OMG = Oh My God! / Oh My Goodness!,

OC = Out Of Character

OP = Original Poster / Original Post

OT = Off Topic

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between The Keyboard And The Chair

Pic = Picture

PITA = Pain In The Ass

Pix = Pictures

Plz / Pls = Please

PPMSLL = Pissing/ Pissed Myself Laughing

POSL = Piece Of ShIt

PPLL = People

PTTLL = Pop To The Loo

RL = Real Life

ROFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROFLMAOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Out Loud

Shudda = Should Have

SMH = Shaking My Head

SO = Significant Other

SOS = Same Old Shit

Soz / srry = Sorry

SSDD = Same Shit, Different Day

STFW = Search The F*cking Web

sup = What’s up?

sup homes = What’s up, friend?

SWW = Sorry, Wrong Window – typing in the wrong box

Thnx = Thanks

Tho = Though

TIA = Thanks In Advance

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now

TTYL = Talk To You Later

TTYT = Talk To You Tomorrow

TY = Thank You

TYT = Take Your Time

U = You

W8 = Wait

Wanna = Want to

WB = Welcome Back

Wd = Well done

WDUWTA? = What Do You Want To Talk About?

Wile = While

WOOT = We Own the Other Team

WTH? = What The Hell?

WURSC = Wow, you are so cool

YCM = You Copied Me

Ye = Yeah / Yes

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

Yo = Hey / Your

YSVW = You are So Very Welcome

YW = You are Welcome

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Time Travelling Celebrities

Do  they Born again?

Can you believe it! They are from the different  centuries . yet they managed to look a like.Many of us may not agree with time travelling or reincornation. Even we tend to avoid them who discuss about these issues. At some point of time we do manage to think beyond the regular life and lost into extra terrestrial thoughts. For those of you who believe or donot believe we got something for you. All you got to do is to have a look on the pictures and  read on.


Keenu Reeveskeenu reeves

If you think keenu reeves can limit himself to one century. No ! The matrix  actors has  managed to survive to entertain us. Who is he? His original name is Paul Mournet who born in 1847. Though he is recorded as dead in 1922 his body was gone missing. So it looks like keenu manages through the hard times to prove himself in hollywood. Well this is an intersting fact. Yet  they  are not same. But look at them ..they look same.



John Travolta

Looks like John Travolta don’t like to do a face-off .Because he has managed to find person from the past who look a like.the first picture belongs to a person  who was 22 years in 1890. But Travolta is now 62 years old. So its clear that they might look same..but they are not same.



nicholas-cage look a like

Nicolas Cage

They cant stop fighting in face off. Who? Iam telling about the faces of stars Nicolas cage and john travolta. Its seems like they had a face off in 18th century too. As you already know about the travolta of 1890. Here we have picture of a person who was photographed in 1870. Hard to believe, but they look a like.



sylverster-stallone look alike

Sylverster Stallone or Rocky Belboa, you can call him with any name of  his movies. But you might call him as Pope when you see him in the picture. The picture is of Pope Gregory IX.




Brad Pitt Look Alike

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt had a fight club because he has some similarities with Union General  Isaac Stevens.





jay-z look alike




Jay-Z was there in  Brookly in 1939.Yes you can  Rap on it.






bruce-wills look alike

Bruce Wills

We love the fighter in Bruce Wills in his movies. It is  sure that anyone who has a face of  him loves to do the same. For Example look at the picture Doug MacArthur of World War II period. He was a General. Which is not General in any days. So They love to combat.




eddie-murphy look a like

Eddie Murphy

The nutty Professor Eddie Murphy is throwing a boomerang with time. How Watch The image of a  person who is similar to this star actor.  Well the  unknown man belongs  to  early of  1920s.






michael-jackson look alike

Michael Jackson

Two Words. We miss  Michael Jackson. This image is similar to the great man.






peter-dinklage look alike

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has his own history in the hollywood . So as his face and personality too. Have a look at the painting of Don Sebastian de Morra who belongs to 1645th year.





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On This New Year Give Wings To Your Heart

Glow like your heart.
Love like your heart.
Love with  pure heart.

 We may forget to cherish its beauty, but the heart is the greatest art of The God. All we got to do is to  Love it. One must  take the worldly things to their heart  as the way  they  take their lovable things at home and arrange them on the shelves.  We don’t decorate shelves with trash. Do we ? No ! we throw trash into dust bins to its disposal.

is your heart is a flying heart?

In the same way, one must not  take all the emotional trash to the heart.  If someone  thinks that you’re  not a good at something. Just  forget about them. It’s not what they think. It’s what you think about yourself matters.

Be kind..but not blind kind

It’s always good to be a kind hearted person. But kindness too  has  its own limits. If you’re good to someone it must be by  choice not  by    compulsion. You are gentle because that’s your way of living.  It’s an individual right to  enjoy  their life being socially responsible.

They Will know it sooner or later

Even when it  does not rain clouds do  move across the sky.  They may consist of water in the heart  throughout the  year. But they will deliver water to the earth in the monsoon for sure. This is how nature works with  a purpose. So as to human heart too. We may not say a word about  us…people  can find it out for sure . No matter how hard one try to hide the heart…one day we will allow them to know what we are inside.

 You’re Special …Do you know that ?

What’s you inside defines what you’re outside. At some point, we may  act like someone to impress someone else. But we cannot live like someone. If  you  use  smartphones  you  might accept the fact that  the Android operating system does not work on Apple iPhones and  iPhone operating system  won’t  fit in android  devices . That’s how they are made of . Every  entity is special. Natural or Artificial it doesn’t matter.

 You are special..do you know that?

One must not tamper with the gods greatest creation i.e… heart. So go with your heart  but with a respect to the social norms .so  that  society respects your heart.


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