Monday, 23 October, 2017
Bahubali Statue is Much Bigger Than Bhallaladeva's Statue

Bahubali Statue is Much Bigger Than Bhallaladeva’s Statue

As Baahubali is all set to hit the silver screen in another 3 days, the promotions of the film are going on at a very rapid pace as there is not much time. It can be noticed that almost everyday a new fact from the movie is coming out and it is now the big statue of Baahubali.

 In Baahubali: the beginning, the scene of the erection of Bhallaladeva’s statue was amazing. If you are one of those audiences who was dumbfounded at that scene, then get ready for something similar in Baahubali 2 but something much bigger than that statue is the statue of Baahubali in this film.
There are three more days to go. Let’s wait and see what else we come to know.

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