Monday, 23 October, 2017
Actress Shalu Chourasiya

Actress Shalu Chourasiya Inaugurates IKAT art mela at Vijayawada 

Tollywood Actress Shalu Chourasiya formally inaugurated the mela. “It’s glad to see various apparel, particularly Ikat Fabrics, Ikat silk and cotton saris, to be showcased for the handloom lovers in the town. Platforms such as this are required to reach out women looking for well-designed handmade cotton, silk wear & exclusive home textile” she said.

“Handlooms are part of an age old Indian tradition element of Indian culture and rich artistry. By promoting handlooms, we support the artisans and local community who have been passing on their skills for generations. Promoting creativity and originality, each design is a result of individual artisan’s creativity which is influenced by the local traditions and cultures “said Mr Kumar-Director- Pochampally Handloom Park.

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