Saturday, 18 November, 2017
facts about amzon forest

10 Facts About Amazon Forest

1.       It starts in Lago Villafro in the Andes Mountains and glaciers add to its water making it one of the longest rivers of the world.
2.       The Amazon is in South America but the fact is that it travels way too beyond.
3.       The distance from UK to America if you fly is 5,800 km and the length of the river is more than that, it is about 6,400 km
4.       The Amazon is just 250 km shorter that The Nile and it has more than 1,100 tributaries which gave it another name The River Sea.
5.       One fifth of the fresh water that reaches the seas and oceans is from the Amazon. This shows how big it is.
6.       You don’t find any bridges in this river owing to the rainforests that it runs through.
7.       The only person to swim the whole river long is Martin Sterl Swam. In 2007, he swam 6400km for 66 days 10hours each day.
8.       One of the world’s largest snakes- Anacondas are found in the Amazon.
9.       Every year when the season is wet, the river increases in its width to almost over 190km.
10.   There are still new species being discovered in this river. Till now over 3000 known species are there in the Amazon.

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